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The admiralty jurisidction of the Supreme Court deals with claims arising out of damage or financial loss caused by ships / their owners / charterers and claims relating to the possession or ownership of a ship.

Cases brought in this jurisdication may include claims for physical damage to a port or another ship, personal injury to individuals, where that injury is as a result of a defect in the ship or her equipment, claims for loss or damage to goods carried in a ship, claims for wages by employees on ships and claims for goods or materials supplied to a ship for her operation.

The practice and procedure of the court in matters such as these is governed by the Rules of the Supreme Court 1965 (as amended).

The Chief Justice hears cases relating to admiralty claims and is supported by the Registrar of the Supreme Court, who deals with the administration of the case and its management prior to hearings, and the Admiralty Marshal, who carries out important functions such as the arrest and appraisal for sale of any property.

The following forms are used to make a claim in the admiralty jurisdiction;

Application for a Warrant of Arrest

Declaration in Support of Warrant

Writ of Summons in Rem

Praecipe of Service of Writ in Rem by Marshall