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Who We Are


We are the two permanent members of staff for the Courts and Tribunals Service. We work in the court offices in the Town Hall, Stanley.

For further information regarding the judiciary please see the drop down menu "judiciary".

Head of Courts and Tribunals Service - James Brooks

James moved to the Falkland Islands in 2016. Having grown up on the Isle of Wight and attended university in London, James qualified as a barrister in 2001 and then worked for two years in legal publishing. In 2003 James joined the magistrates’ courts service, initially in Devon, and then in Essex and Humberside, dealing with adult and youth criminal, and family, matters. He also provided training to lay justices on a wide range of subjects having successfully completed a training qualification.

James also provides a programme of in house legal adviser training to the Court Assistant to ensure that in due course she will be able to take on the role of providing legal advice to the lay justices in the summary court.

James lives in Stanley with his wife and young daughter.


Court Assistant - Laura Clarke

Laura moved back to the Falkland Islands in 2011 after completing her A-levels in the UK and degree in Criminology with Applied Psychology at the University of Brighton.

Laura was appointed to the position of court assistant in May 2013. Since this time, Laura has been actively encouraged to develop her skills and has commenced a distance learning Law Degree with Northumbria University. Her studies started in September 2014 and are due to take place over a three year period. Laura returns to the UK to take exams at the end of each study year.

With the support of the Falkland Islands Government and her colleagues, Laura's role has been successfully succession planned, meaning that it is hoped that, once legally qualified and upon gaining sufficient experience within the court service, Laura will take on the role of Head of Courts and Tribunals. This will enable her to provide the court service with continuity and stability in future years.

In addition to her full time job as court assistant and her distance learning degree, Laura is also undertaking in-house Legal Adviser training provided by the Head of Courts and Tribunals Service, meaning she will be able to provide legal support to the lay justices in due course. 



What We Do


The Courts and Tribunals Service in the Falkland Islands is responsible for the administration of criminal, civil and family courts and tribunals,

These are

  • The Court of Appeal
  • The Supreme Court
  • The Magistrate's Court
  • The Coroner's Court
  • The Summary Court
  • The Fisheries Disputes Commission
  • The Mental Health Tribunal
  • The Tax Appeal Tribunal
  • The Workmen's Compensation Commissioner

We also provide administration services for the Supreme Courts, Magistrate's Courts and Coroner's Courts for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and the British Antarctic Territory.

Further details relating to the work of each court or tribunal can be found on this website under the relevant drop down menu. All hearings are dealt with in the court room, which is based in the Town Hall, Stanley, East Falkland.

There are currently two permanent members of staff, who work with the independent judiciary to ensure a fair and efficient justice system. We strive to give people and organisations access to an open and transparent justice system, including, but not limited to, those affected by crime, those involved in the protection of children, businesses involved in commercial disputes, families with disputes concerning their finances or the provision of care for their children, those affected by employment matters or taxation and consumers in debt. 

The relationship between the Courts and Tribunals and the Falkland Islands Government

The Falkland Islands Government is responsible for ensuring that there is an efficient and effective system to support the business of the Courts and Tribunals.  This involves ensuring that there are adequate resources available and that the Judiciary is supported in undertaking its functions to deliver justice independently, fairly and justly, in accordance with its Constitutional responsibilities.

Any person who excercises judicial functions (for example, Justices of the Peace, the Senior Magistrate, the Attorney General when acting as Coroner and, in certain circumstances, the Head of Courts and Tribunals Service) do so in accordance with the Judicial Code of Conduct and under the superintendence of the Chief Justice.

The relationship between the Falkland Islands Government and the judiciary has been set out in the Courts and Tribunals Framework Document, which has been signed by His Excellency the Governor, the Chief Justice, and (with the agreement of Executive Council) the Chief Executive.  A copy of the Framework Document can be found here.

 What you can expect from us

The provision of a fair, transparent and efficient justice system, which is focussed on providing a high quality service to those who use us. To this end we have agreed the following levels of service:

  • We will respond to all general correspondence and queries within 5 working days of receipt
  • We will schedule a listing date for new applications (civil or criminal) within 5 working days of receipt of paperwork
  • We will result all courts within 48 hours of the hearing
  • We will process all legal aid applications within 5 working days.
  • We will process legal aid payment requests within 5 working days (This does not to apply to cases where costs are to be taxed)

Below you will find links to Court statistics. These show a break down of the distribution of work throughout the Courts and Tribunals. Due to the breadth of work the Courts undertake it is not possible to detail statistics for all Tribunals. These statistics primarily deal with the work of the criminal courts but touch upon the distribution of work across all Courts and Tribunals. It is hoped to expand the information in the future to cover other areas of work.


General Court Statistics 2014

General Court Statistics 2015


The Courts and Tribunals of the Falkland Islands adopts an approach of continuous improvement; striving to provide a high quality service to those we serve. If you have any observations concerning the content of this website or the service that we provide we would welcome your comments via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.