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Any need the Falkland Islands has had over the years for the services of lawyers has usually been satisfied by the legal practitioners who have practised locally. However, on occasions, local practitioners have been unable to represent those who have sought their help because they are conflicted (they represent or have represented or advised another of the parties involved) or because the problem brought to them required specific detailed specialist advice.

Every individual has right to a fair trial, as detailed in the Falkland Islands Constitution Order 2008, and that right includes the ability to instruct a legal practitioner, should they wish to do so. Where no local legal practitioner is able to provide advice then it is open to those who seek the services of a lawyer to consider instructing someone from outside the Falkland Islands.

It is acknowledged that there are a great many lawyers, and that most people would not know where to start to look for representation from a practitioner who does not work in the Falkland Islands. In order to assist, the Courts advertised in the legal press for any lawyers who were interested in offering their services to the public of the Falkland Islands. This directory is the result of the responses received.

The Lawyers Directory was originally published in 2012 by the then Senior Magistrate, Carl Gumsley, who understood the necessity for its publication. He wished the directory to be a useful resource for those who may find themselves in need of a lawyer. The directory was updated in 2014, ensuring it remains current and useful to any person who may call upon it. Copies of the directory can be found in the library, the police station, the Attorney General's Chambers, local practitioners offices, the Citizens Advice Bureau and at the courts.

Please note that being included in the directory is not an endorsement by the Courts. Equally, just because a lawyer is not contained in the directory does not mean that a person should not instruct them.

All entries in the directory have been taken from information provided by the lawyers themselves which has not been verified or checked. Anyone who contacts any of the lawyers in the directory is urged to ensure for themselves that the lawyer can help, and is suitable, experienced and properly qualified for their particular case.

In certain circumstances the Falkland Islands Legal Aid Scheme may be able to assist with legal costs but it is only in exceptional circumstances that the extra cost of instructing a lawyer from outside the Falkland Islands would be met by the Scheme. 


Lawyers Directory 2014

additional entries received after last update:

Ronnie MacLennan Baird

Mark Lewis