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Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal sits with three judges and all hearings are dealt with in the UK. There is no permanent building for the hearings to take place in; when and where the sittings occur will depend upon the judges and parties involved. The judges are supported by a registrar, who is also based in the UK; he or she provides administrative and case management support to the Court. By virtue of his appointment, the Chief Justice sits as a member of the Court of Appeal (other than to determine appeals from his own decisions.)

The Court of Appeal hears appeals from the decisions of the Supreme Court in civil and criminal matters. In criminal matters this may include appeals relating to conviction after trial or sentence. Appeals may also be lodged in relation to decisions made by the Supreme Court while a case is ongoing.

The Court of Appeal is governed by the Court of Appeal Ordinance and Court of Appeal Rules, both of which detail the practice and procedure to be adopted when appearing before the Court.

The legislation specifies the forms to be used when making an application to the Court and links to these forms can be found below. Should you wish to make an application to the Court of Appeal copies of these forms may also be obtained from the court staff based in Stanley, who can also advise you of any fee that may be payable on application and the methods of payment.

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