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I would like to know more about the work the court does, can I come and watch?


The general rule is that justice must be done in public and that the public and the media have the right to attend court hearings. Consequently all adult criminal proceedings are open held in open court, allowing members of the public to observe. Attendance of the public is actively encouraged; should you wish to come to court to observe please consult the court list to see when sittings are taking place. Alternatively, you may ring the court and ask when you may attend. On the day of your attendance please ensure you are seated in time for the start of the proceedings and turn off your mobile phone before coming into the court room.

Unfortunately, children under 14 cannot attend to observe the court. We would however actively encourage children and young persons with an interest in the work of the court to find out more about what we do. We are always willing to accommodate visits outside sitting times to allow young people to appreciate the important role that law plays within our society. Please ring the court on 27271 if you, your children or community group would be interested in attending the court to discuss our work with members of the judiciary and court staff. Alternatively, if you would like to invite the judiciary to visit your school, community group or organisation to talk about the work undertaken by the courts please contact the court staff to discuss ideas. We positively encourage the idea of transparent and open justice and are happy to engage in appropriate community projects whenever possible.