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I have been given a fine, how do I pay?



At the time the court imposes your financial order you will be given a leaflet entitled "Payment information". This provides you with details about the consequences of non-payment and your options for making payment. .

After your court hearing you will receive a document (the notice of conviction and sentence) that will tell you how much you owe and how you are to make payment (either in full or by installments). You may make your payment(s) by attending the court and paying with cash or a cheque or alternatively by sending a cheque to the court in the post. You may also make your payment directly at Standard Chartered Bank using the details provided on your notice.

Your notice of conviction and sentence contains a unique reference number and it is important that you quote this when making your payment. Your reference number should start either with MC/ or SUM/. Please ensure this reference number is used when sending cheques or making payment via the bank. Failure to give the reference number may result in the money not being credited against your debt.

All financial penalties are due at the time that they are imposed. Where you have been given time to pay by the court it is important to remember that you must pay as directed. Should you miss one payment then the whole amount that remains outstanding becomes due immediately. The court expects you to pay the financial penalty on time and will take prompt enforcement action where you fail to do so. Failing to pay a financial penalty may ultimately result in you being sent to prison.

If your financial circumstances change and you are having difficulties making payments as directed then you must contact the court in advance of the payment being due. Do not wait for the court to enforce the penalty; discuss your problems with the court staff, who will answer any questions you may have and place the matter back before the court when appropriate.