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What happens at a court hearing?


What happens at a court hearing varies dependent upon the type of case before the court. However, the court will normally want to hear first from the person who started the case, or made the application, and will then hear from the person disputing the case/the defendant.

Each person or their legal representative will be given an opportunity to speak. Where the matter is contested (if there is a trial) you, or your legal representative, will be given the opportunity to ask the other person, and any witnesses, questions. When you give your evidence, the other person will be given the opportunity to ask you questions. The court may also ask you some questions. If you do ask questions remember to ask only one question at a time and allow the person time to answer.

You may find it useful to make a note of what the other person and their witnesses say. The court can provide you with a pen and paper if you wish. Please ask the clerk of the court on your arrival.