Justices of the Peace

Recruitment 2021

The Court is an integral part of the justice system, making decisions which impact upon the lives of the individuals before it and the wider community.

It is important that justice, as far as permitted, is open and transparent so as those affected by these decisions can understand how they are reached and also so as the public have confidence in the justice system.

It is a constitutional right for individuals to have a fair hearing by an independent and impartial court.

The Summary Court is the first tier with in the justice system where Justices of the Peace preside and make the decisions.

Justices of the Peace are members of the community who are appointed by the Governor as judicial office holders and have existed for hundreds of years.

We currently have 11 JPs who deal with around 80% of the criminal work in the Falkland Islands, as well as family proceedings and licensing applications.

Last year the Justices of the Peace sat in court 42 times last year and dealt with 63 criminal cases and over 60 licensing cases.

So far this year the Justices of the Peace have sat 34 times.

They perform an essential role to enable hearings to take place in the Summary Court.


If you are interested in applying to be a Justice of the Peace the application form and further informaiton is below.


Applications are open from 23 September 2021 to 29 October 2021.


If you have any queries please contact Emma Fulton, Head of Court Service

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

'phone: 27271


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