Liquor Licensing

Occasional Licence

What is an Occasional Licence?

An occasional licence gives an individual permission to sell alcohol at a specific place for a set time during an event.


Do I need a licence?

If you are holding an event and wish to sell alcohol you need a licence.


Who can apply for a licence?

The following people are disqualified from holding a licence:

1) every officer of the Supreme Court

2) every undishcarged bankrupt

3) every person upon whom a period of impriosnment of more than 12 months in length has been imposed by any court of competent jurisdiction in the Commonwealth (if the offence would also be an offence in the Falkland Islands)

4) every person who at any time during the past 12 months has been the subject of a prohibition order

5) every person under the age of 21 years

6) every person of unsound mind

When considering an application, the Licensing Justices' will need to be satisfied that the character of applicant is that they are 'a fit and proper person' to hold a licence.


How do I apply?

Complete an application form (below) and file with the court office.  There may be a fee payable.

Once your application is received, the court will list your application for submissions of objections and place this on the court list.  If no objections are received, the Clerk to the Summary Court may grant your licence using their delegated powers.  If there are objections, or questions of clarification or law, your application will be listed to be heard before the Licensing Justices.  You will be told when this hearing is and you must attend.


Application for Occassional Licence
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