Family Proceedings

Specific Issue Order & Prohibited Steps Order

Specific Issue Order

means an order giving directions for the purpose of determining a specific question which has arisen, or which may arise, in connection with any aspect of parental responsibility for a child.


Prohibited Steps Order

means an order that no step which could be taken by a parent in meeting the parent’s parental responsibility for a child, and which is of a kind specified in the order, may be taken by any person without the consent of the court.

In practical terms it may not be obvious if you need to apply for a specific issue order or a prohibited steps order; the general rule is that a specific issue order is permissive (it will settle a dispute between parents and allow for something to happen), whist the prohibited steps order is restrictive (it will prevent a parent from making a decision, or taking action, that would normally be within their rights to do so without the consent of the court).


A Specific Issue Order might be used to determine between parents where a child might go to secondary school, e.g. Falkland Islands or boarding overseas

A Prohibited Steps Order might be used to prevent one parent sending the child overseas for secondary education. 

How can I make an application?

An application for can be made by completing the form C100.

If you are a parent who does not have parental responsibility and wishes to do so, you can make an application for PR at the same time as making the application for residence by completing form C1.

There may be a fee payable.